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Leandro Soto, Cuban performance artist


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Everyone is creative in someway, but often they do not recognise the fact that any form of expression is the result of a creative mind.

ME Odom

Art is a personal expression, a journey in translating my experiences into a format that adds depth to anything I’ve experienced. Creativity provides personality and soul to knowledge.

I specialize in mixi-media. I believe it represents “completeness” in my life to use a variety of mediums such as music, watercolors, acrylics, photography and video.

In my work, you see reflections of the many cultures and places I’ve lived and hopefully feel the calmness and the humor in the chaos of life.

Leandro Soto
For me art is always a system of relationships, a careful equilibrium between one thing and another, call it nature, spirit, society, psyche, or the individual. My art explores these relationships by engendering responses closer to the poetic, the mythic and the sacred ways of perceiving reality.  The work can be figurative or abstract, however the key here is the inner organization of the work and its metaphoric implications.  In my artwork, the personal anecdote has been displaced, leaving plenty of room to attempt an understanding, not only of the purely aesthetic necessity but of a desire to understand those key symbols and rituals that transcend individuality.
    My approach to art includes multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary components, which are the result of my traveling, living and experimenting with different art forms and cultures. Aiming always at a synthesis and integration of values, my purpose is to significantly contribute to cross-cultural understanding.

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Tony Andrulis

I went to the American Academy of Art and studied under Irving Shapiro with the intentions of becoming a traditional painter. While I greatly admired his work and that style of work, I was more interested in images that stimilated the imagination. For a while I did some commercial illustration work for science fiction magazines while also doing portraits on the side, but neither was ultimately satisfying.

Finally I began to do some absurdist work -- a bit of surrealism and a bit of plain silliness. At this point in time where I am able to choose what I want to do and not be financially bound to someone else's vision, I can finally create the kind of things that feel satisfying. I hope you enjoy my work.

Nelson Garcia-Miranda

Nelson Miranda
My main inspiration is Nature. I love to look at it from inside, from my personal point of view: I am like an Elf, a Fairy, a Goblin-in my imagination- that moves free in the middle of the jungle. I pay attention to every detail: plants, flowers, forms, etc. for each of my pieces I create a character, (using narratives as my main inspiration) or a myth, or an event from my everyday life. I also use popular narratives from Cuban folklore as well as events that were of a particular moment of my life. My imagination is the more important component in this creating process.

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