About Us

We are dedicated to providing quality experiences in applying and integrating the use of technology within visual arts learning and information literacy situations.

What We've Done so Far

We have given workshops and presented at various conferences from Guam to Georgia.

We worked with Leandro Soto and Nelson Garcia-Miranda in videotaping CAFE (Cuban American Foremost Exhibitions) events.

While working with the award winning Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology (PT3) grants in Arizona, we helped hundreds of inservice and preservice teachers learn to utilize technology in their curriculum as well as help create videos demonstrating technology use in the classroom.

We have offered low cost classes in understanding computers, methods in artwork presentations on the Internet and how to create digital imaging projects.

Artists' Videos
Checkout ME Odom's website for her 21st Century Folk Art where she is combining videos with painted canvases.
Preformance Artists
Leandro Soto is the master of putting dance, music and multimedia together to get his point across to an audience.
Global Reach
Leandro Soto and Nelson Garcia-Miiranda are known world wide for ther work.
We provide low-cost workshops, lessons at senior facilities and afterschool programs
Our Commitment
Technology as a tool provides great avenues for creativity.

We are committed to provide fun and knowledge and another of our goals is to provide an outlet for fellow creative souls allowing them to present to the world through the arts and technology.